Kiln Dry Seasoned Firewood

Seasoned Zone 4/ 2-Cord minimum

Francestown, NH; Peterborough, NH; and More

30.00 s/h



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At Burbee Firewood, we sell by the cord. Using my state of the art American-made firewood processor, which is designed and manufactured for efficiency and meeting modern eco-friendly standards, we are able to create a consitent, clean cord of firewood.

Our Green Firewood product is cut upon order request never touching the ground until delivery. While the firewood is typically cut to length at 16”, you can also choose custom cuts between 12” – 24”.

Zone Four for Burbee Firewood consists of the following towns: Francestown, NH; Peterborough, NH; Sharon, NH; Weare, NH; Goffstown, NH; Litchfield, NH; Pelham, NH; and Manchester, NH.   We will deliver one and a half, or three cords of wood to these towns.